• The Ultimate Glass Mug

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  • The Flint & Co Glass mug

    A durable yet exquisite alternative to porcelain mugs, our glass mugs offer a captivating view of the clarity of Flint brewed tea. Both stylish and elegant, this glass mug allows you to observe the radiance of fine tea.

    Perfectly suitable for any hot beverage, the glass mug goes brilliantly with our teapots and milk and sugar holders. After brewing your favourite tea, pour the tea into the glass mug and enjoy your delectable drink. Our single cup infusers also fit into this glass mug of loveliness.

    Switch to glassware to add elegance and style to your daily brews!


    The glass mug is made from borosilicate glass, a light yet durable material suitable for gleaming tea ware! Drink tea in style.


    - Microwave & dishwasher-safe. 
    - Made of tempered glass, which is very sturdy and able to withstand high temperatures.
    - Capacity: 400ml.

  • The Ultimate Glass Mug
  • The Ultimate Glass Mug
  • The Ultimate Glass Mug

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